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Okay, Chapter 15 thoughts…

I feel like I’m the only one totally okay with Blaine having a one night stand with Alex. I just see this as a great plot decision made by the author, and not just because of the drama (which I always love anyway), but because this sets up a good opportunity for Kurt to see Blaine as a fully developed person who makes MISTAKES rather than just this perfect guy who loves his dog and sings with children.

This is gonna shake Kurt’s image of Blaine in a negative way (not that there’s anything wrong with Blaine hooking up with someone since he is single, but a) with Kurt’s FRIEND was a bad idea and b) Kurt was definitely under the impression that Blaine was a bit innocent…which he is, in some ways haha), but that’s important for them to really get to know each other! And hopefully it will help make it so when/if Kurt DOES leave Ethan for Blaine he actually knows him as a rounded person, flaws and all, as opposed to just this fantasy guy. 

Besides, it’s also 100% in character for Blaine to do something not-so-smart when he’s drunk. Especially if he’s feeling sad/vulnerable about Kurt and his boyfriend. XD

Psst, I can’t believe I just went on like that about a fanfic. What has this fic done to my brain? 

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